A Mid-Year New-Year’s Resolution

A good friend of mine recently made his first foray into the blagosphere and has already put to shame my measly effort at digitally vomiting chunks of my personality all over the face of internet. Moving swiftly on from the poorly chosen metaphor, my point in bringing this up (aside from the shameless plug for a blog that no doubt has already had more views than mine) is to officially declare that I am stepping up my game. My overly-plugged comrade-in-blogs mentions that his hope in electronically documenting all of his thoughts is that “people I care about  (& random people on the internet – shout out to the 3 people from Finland who apparently visited my blog yesterday) will come to understand what I care about”.

I believe that my intention in entering the blagosphere in the first place was similar, at least in part. Partly my intention was simply to practice writing about things that interest me. Partly my intention was to try to force myself to make clear some of my ideas that I thought might be of interest to others. And partly my intention was to digitally preserve aspects of my personality and experience until such a time as Science has the power to rebuild my mind from the fragments of my consciousness left behind after I shuffle off this mortal coil. Which at least sounds far more impressive than the earlier puke-centric metaphor.

However you prefer to think about it, conveying one’s personality across miles of fibre-optic cables to people you’ve never met (in fact, even to people you have met) requires quantity as much as it requires quality and the former is something that has been severely lacking so far in this blog. So instead of sitting around navel-gazing and soul-searching for the perfect topic, from now on I vow to simply write up whatever comes to mind. Think of it like a pretentious, post-modern form of digital Tourette’s. It is my hope that whoever reads it can penetrate through the thick layer of self-aware, self-referential, self-indulgent Gen-Y irony covering this blog to understand some of what I care about and why.